60+ Date Night Ideas for Active, Adventurous, or Outdoorsy Couples

60+ Date Night Ideas for Active, Adventurous, or Outdoorsy Couples

65 date night ideas for active adventurous or outdoorsy couples

Date nights don’t always have to be dinner and a movie. Whether you and your spouse love being outdoors, getting some exercise in, or enjoy trying something new, you’ll hopefully find something in this list that will give you a fun activity to try out for date night!

Go kayaking – whether you rent or own kayaks, live by a river, lake, or ocean, hit the water with your boo for some awesome views and a good work out together.
Go hammocking – you might laugh at this one, but this is seriously one of our favorite activities together. Though there’s no workout involved (unless you hike), it’s a great way to do something different and get outside together. Check out our version of this fun and unique idea!
Go hiking – this is a great work out and you can experience some amazing adventures together. This is one of our favorite day date ideas to do on the weekends! If you live in the New England area, check out our hiking adventure at Beavertail State Park or Exeter, RI.
Go ice skating – this is always a fun and romantic date night. Bundle up and hit the rink together. It’s just as fun if you know what you’re doing versus if you don’t! Then afterwards, go get a cup of hot cocoa or your favorite hot beverage.
Build a fire and make s’mores – you can do this right in the comfort of your backyard or hit your favorite state park or beach for a couple hours and snuggle next to the fire under the stars. Dreamy. If it’s in the middle of the winter, check out our indoor camping trip, complete with yummy s’mores (yes, we were desperate).
Sign up for a dance class – this is great because you can choose your own speed! Get the romance going by trying a slow waltz, heat up the night with some salsa, or just have some fun and try country line dancing.
Go to the park and toss a frisby or football – this is a simple and easy date night that’s perfect if you don’t feel like jumping through the hoops of  planning or if you’re on a budget. Whether it’s in your backyard, at the park, or at the beach, this is a fun and easy way to get your endorphins going and enjoy the company of your honey.
Sign up for a race together – it can be fun accomplishing something together, plus it can develop communication and team work.
Go fishing – find a beautiful babbling brook to fish by or jump into some peddle-drive kayaks for fishing with a physical challenge. Don’t forget to pick up your fishing licenses!
Go squidding – bate and hooks not your ideal way of having fun? Go squidding! You read right! It’s a whole lot of fun for a number of reasons. It has to be done at night, there’s no live bate or hooks, you don’t need a boat, you’re guaranteed to catch at least one, and it’s easy for any beginner to fishing. You can toss them back in the water or take them home for some homemade calamari.
Go on a scavenger hunt – this is a fun activity to get outside of the house and take a walk with a purpose. Need some list ideas for your scavenger hunt? We’ve got everything you need right here!
Go on a historical walking tour – every town and city has some sort of history. Doing a quick search on the internet or talking to your local chamber of commerce (or a town or city close to you that has some options). Go on a guided tour, a do-it-yourself walking tour, or even a ghost tour. If you’re in New England, check out our adventure for the best of Salem, MA.
Check out the tide pools – if you live on the coast, you probably live somewhere where there are tide pools. They make for a fun day date of hiking and exploring the local diversity of your ocean.
Go on a boat tour – though this doesn’t involve a lot of exercise, this is a great way to get outside and experience the sights together.
Go for a bike ride – rent bikes on the boardwalk, use a bike share program, or take your own bikes out for a spin in your local park, boardwalk, city, or neighborhood.
Play a game of horse – love and basketball go hand in hand! There’s even a movie about it. Shoot some hoops and challenge each other to a game of H-O-R-S-E.
Go to the shooting range – get the adrenaline pumping with challenging date night activity. Be sure to sign up for lessons if you don’t have any experience with guns.
Go to a golf range – there are golf ranges everywhere which makes this an easy-to-do date night together. Work on your swing together and if anything, just have fun hitting golf balls.
Go to a batting cage – love baseball or softball? Hit the battling cages for the night and then practice your bases when you get home ?
Take a yoga class together – find your inner-balance together and gain some flexibility for um, other activities.
Go to a professional sports game – watch other people exercise! Kidding! But if you are both sports enthusiasts, put on your favorite jersey and root for your team together.
Go to a college game – tickets for a professional game to expensive? Check out your local college sports game and root for the home team!
Go fruit picking (whatever fruit is in season) – almost every season has some sort of fruit you can harvest. Peaches, berries, and grapes in the summer; apples in the early fall; pears and pumpkins in the later fall. Whatever your fancy, enjoy a fun day outdoors and then cook up a tasty dinner with your picking! In the New England area? Check out our day date out our favorite apple orchard. We also have a great homemade cider recipe if you want to do something fun and easy with all of your apples you’ve picked.
Go wine tasting – get a little fancy and enjoy the beautiful outdoor facilities of wineries together. In the New England area? Check out our adventure to our favorite, local winery.
Go horseback riding – this is a fun and different idea than your typical dinner and a movie. Enjoy the great outdoors together with a guided horse back riding tour.
Go on a picnic – grab your picnic basket and blanket, and enjoy each other’s company at your local park. Check out our blog post on what to pack for the perfect picnic. And if you’re looking for a more romantic recipe, we’ve got the perfect ahi salad that’s easy to pack and take where ever you go.
Go rock climbing – this is a fun and challenging date night idea to do together. Get your belay license and get a good view of your partners booty.
Try a match of tennis – rackets aren’t very expensive so head to your local Walmart, Target, or sports store and purchase your gear. Then head to a local high school to use their free courts (just make sure it’s after hours).
Go to the arcade and play air hockey – this is a fun and easy date night. Hit your local arcade together and challenge each other in a game of air hockey.
Try a game of table tennis – It takes two to table tennis! Many local table tennis clubs will allow you to play for the night, find a local bar that has one, or even try a Meetup!
Play frisbee golf – try something new and play a round of frisbee golf game together! This is a fun sport to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and show off your hidden frisbee skills.
Go paint balling or laser tag – hello there Mr. and Mrs. Smith. For the competitive couples out there, this is a fun adrenaline-induced date night. Play on the same team and take out your enemies together or if you’re up for the challenge, play on opposing teams. May the odds be ever in your favor.
Go swimming in a lake and river – this is the perfect summer date idea to enjoy each other’s company and cool off together. Pack a picnic and enjoy a relaxing day under the sun.
Explore a new town – put on your walking shoes and explore a new town together. Try out their restaurants, hiking trails, shops, and explore their  neighborhoods. This is one of our favorite day date ideas we do on the weekends.
Pick up a foraging book and try your hand at foraging – you can either purchase a book or take a class at your local REI or college. If you are foraging for mushrooms, we do highly recommend talking a class for that.
Go zip lining – head to your local adventure zone or if you’re lucky to live somewhere that has trees, mountains, or a ski resort that offers zip lining when there’s no snow on the ground, check out those options too! This is a fun (and different) date night idea to get the adrenaline pumping.
Go sky diving or bungee jumping – for the true adrenaline junkies out there, mark something off of your bucket lists together.
Play a game of 1 – 1 volleyball – this is a fun date night idea that will be sure to have lots of laughs. Head to your local beach or college campus that has an outdoor volleyball net. If those aren’t available, get creative and set up a volleyball net in your backyard. This is a fun way to get moving and get a little competitive with each other.
Go to a drive-in movie – drive in movies are so much fun and are great if you are on a budget or have kids too! Get a pile of blankets, chairs (unless you’re the lucky few that have a hatch-back), snuggle with a hot cup of cocoa, and enjoy the show!
Grab a cup of coffee and take a walk in the neighborhood – This is a simple date night idea for any time of the year. We have our favorite coffee shop we go to in a local neighborhood that has some beautiful dream homes we love to imagine ourselves in. Put your fun and personal spin on this idea. If you’re in Rhode Island, check out our top coffee shop favorites!
Go skinny dipping – you read right! Stop blushing and go do something adventurous with your partner! Head to your local swimming hole and take a dip under the moon.
Find the perfect place to watch the sunset – whether it’s climbing onto your roof or hiking to a beautiful vantage point, share a blanket and enjoy the sunset together.
Go bowling – if the weather is nasty outside or you just love a fun, competitive night, bowling is the perfect activity to do together! That and bowling gives you a good view of your partner’s butt ?
Play a game of pool – head to your local bar together for a few, fun rounds of pool.
Go snowshoeing – if you live in a snowy climate, snowshoeing is a great way to get outside, do some exploring, and get a good workout together. There are plenty of places that offer rentals if you’re not ready to invest in a pair.
Go paddle boarding – this is one of my favorite outdoor activities to do with my husband. I love paddle boarding with him at a leisurely pace, talking, and enjoying the view. On occasion, it’s fun to tip him off of his paddle board on particularly hot days. He always gets even with me though.65 date night ideas for active adventurous or outdoorsy couples
Go camping – get away from it all and reconnect with each other for the weekend. Bonus if you go somewhere with no cell service so there’s no distractions!
Go snorkeling – if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that has clear water, this is a great summer activity to do together. It’s also a great idea to do on a budget as it’s only a few dollars to rent masks and fins or you can easily buy affordable gear at your local sports store or good ol’ Amazon.
Take the dogs out for a walk – this is one of our favorite go-to date nights when we’re exhausted or busy. It’s a great way to get some exercise in and have some good conversations with each other.
Play a round of miniature golf – this is a classic go-to date night. A little friendly competition makes for a fun night together.
Go to the farmers market – this is a great day date to do outdoors together. Check out your local farms and vendors, snack a little, then head home and make a delicious dinner with your provisions. Check out our delicious fish taco recipe we did after our trip to the farmers market
Go sledding or tubing – if it’s winter, you’re not limited to staying in doors for date night. Many ski slopes will offer tubing or sledding. You can even do it at your local golf course. Or if your lucky enough to live in a hilly area, you can even head to your local park.
Go geocaching – this is a fun scavenger hunt to do together in nature. Grab your GPS and find geocaches in your region.
Go roller skating – this is a great all-season date night if your able to find a local rink. Bonus if there’s a disco ball.
Volunteer somewhere – clean up your local park or beach together, or find local community projects like painting or planting flowers. It feels good to give back together! Need ideas for volunteering? Check out our holiday volunteer ideas.
Try out a ropes course – challenge your partner to a fun ropes course and test each other’s agility, strength, and insurance. This is so much more fun than the gym!
Get tickets to Restaurant Week – walk through your town or nearby city and take a food adventure of all the local flavors.
Go on a fall foliage hike or walk – is it fall and you live in an area with seasons? Grab your honey and take a walk or hike through the beautiful fall foliage.
Go to a county or state fair – is there a local fair happening close to you? This is a fun date night if you love people watching, eating, or playing competitive games.
Take archery lessons together – take aim and learn how to do archery together. It’s fun and challenging!
Go on a hot air balloon ride – what’s more romantic than floating over beautiful landscapes with views for miles? This idea is on our date night bucket list.
Go fly kites – Take your kites to the park or beach. This is a fun and relaxing date idea for a blustery day. Pack a picnic too!
Play bocce ball or croquet – these are fun backyard games to play together for late spring, summer, and early fall.
Go tubing in a river – if your looking for a fun and lazy summer activity to do together, floating down a river in tubs is perfect! Want an adrenaline rush? Check out a white water rafting excursion.



by Stacey

We believe that dating after the wedding bells is as much a priority as dating before those rings were slipped on your fingers. Why? Because time develops intimacy. Committing to spending intentional time together with consistent date nights will transform your marriage.

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